Mile 24 Landfill and Mile 3 Dumpsite CDM Project (PIN/PDD)

The project activity involves methane capture/collection and flaring at Mile 3 dump-site & Mile 24 landfill site in Belize.

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Performance against sustainable development criteria

    The proposed project activity is the implementation of landfill gas capture/collection and flaring system in Belize Mile 24 landfill site and Mile 3 dumpsite. In the absence of the project activity, passive venting of LFG would have happened. This would result in emission of Greenhouse Gases (methane) into the atmosphere. The project activity involves destruction of methane and thus resulting in mitigation of climate change.
    This project will contribute to improving the environment and protecting the public health. In addition, it will enhance the image of Belize in the eco-tourism market and strengthen the Solid Waste Management Authority of Belize as the entity responsible for improving solid waste management in the country.

    Project facts

    Country:  Belize

    Project Type:  Methane capture and flaring

    Project size:  small

    Contact:  Mr. Gilroy Lewis (Solid Waste Management Authority)

    Status:  Approved for implementation

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