Belize Sugar Cane to Ethanol and Power Bio-Refinery (PIN)

2 November 2011

The project combines ethanol production and power generation from sugar cane.

PIN Form

    The project will utilize foreign direct investment in the development of alternative energy and alternative fuels in Belize with minimal impact on the environment combining:

    1. Ethanol Production
    2. Energy Generation
    3. Greenhouse gas reduction
    4. Bi-product recycling and use (waste conversion to bio-fertilizers)

    To create technical and skilled jobs and employment opportunities in northern Belize to increase the standard of living for Belizeans workers directly or indirectly associated with the Project.

    Project facts

    Country:  Belize

    Project Type:  Energy (Sugar Cane to Ethanol and Bio-Refinery)

    Project size:  Large

    CERs/Year:  The CDM project activity will contribute an average of 204 MU of electricity per annum and reduce 173 k tones of CO2 over the ten year crediting period (2016 – 2026).

    Contact:  Mr. Lenford Eiley (President GSR Energy Limited)

    Status:  Project PIN Approved by Belize DNA Office

    Last updated: 29 January 2013

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